SSS MEMBER BENEFITS: List of Benefits of Being an SSS Member

List of Social Security System / SSS Member Benefits

SSS MEMBER BENEFITS – Here is a list of the benefit offers of being a member of the Social Security System or the SSS.

A huge part of the populace in the Philippines are part of the Social Security System or more commonly called SSS. It is a government-run insurance program that offers a lot of loans and benefits to its members


SSS Salary Loan

If you are an SSS member, you have something to turn to in case your monthly salary would be enough to cover all the expenses in a month. You may apply for a salary loan, get a whole amount to meet your project or needs, and just pay for it in installment basis through salary deduction. To check on how much you may borrow, you may visit – SSS SALARY LOAN – Minimum and Maximum Loanable Amounts.

SSS Housing Loan

An SSS member may also turn to the social insurance institution in case you wanted to get your house repaired. For a guide on the application process, you may visit – SSS Housing Loan: How To Apply for House Repair Loan To SSS.

SSS Business Loan

The social insurance institution can also help you start your own business or boost what you have already started. Feel free to visit – SSS BUSINESS LOAN: How & Where To Apply For Business Loan.



According to the social insurance institution, a member may be paid with a cash allowance during the time that he or she was not able to report to work due to sickness. It can help the member cope with the expenses while recuperating from sickness and without worrying that the monthly budget won’t be enough due to an absence from work. You may visit – SSS SICKNESS BENEFITS – How To Apply & Requirements in Applying.


Female members of the SSS may be entitled to a daily cash allowance following a childbirth which causes the member to be unable to report to work. It will surely be a huge help most especially that giving birth may require a huge amount of money from the mother and the parents.

You may visit – SSS Maternity Benefit To Reach P70,000 Starting January 2020


An SSS member who became permanently disabled may be granted a monthly pension or a lump sum money. It is a huge help most especially if the said member is the breadwinner of the family. To check on who may avail this SSS benefit, you may visit – SSS DISABILITY BENEFIT – Who Are Qualified To Avail This Benefit.


Upon reaching 60 years old and a total of 120 monthly contribution, a senior citizen member of the social insurance program may be granted a monthly pension. It assures that the retiree has something to turn to for personal needs. To check on the qualifications under the two (2) offers, feel free to visit – SSS RETIREMENT BENEFITS – Who Are Qualified For Pension & Lump Sum.

Funeral & Death

The SSS gives a cash benefit to its deceased members. It is granted to someone who paid for the expenses during the burial of the member. There are also death benefits for the family of the deceased. Feel free to visit – SSS DEATH BENEFITS – List of Other Benefits Beneficiaries of Deceased Member May Get.

To avail these loans and SSS member benefits, you may visit the branch of SSS nearest to you. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic now, SSS members are advised to use the availability of the online platforms. For the website, you may visit – SSS.

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  1. How can i make a loan?i am a self employed member but my contribution is not updated?am i still capable to make a loan?thanks

  2. ask ko lang pano ung case ko gaea ng pandemic di po sko nakapaghulog ngayon nagkacovid ako may makukuha po ba ako benefits

  3. tagal ko ng nag file almost 2 weeks na, wala pa din kayo reply kung approved na, humingi pa kau ng proof, wala pa din, inabot na ng new year,

  4. Hi/ Hello Ma’am Sir, Mangandang Umaga Sa Lahat. Nais ko lng Sana magtanung about sss application for retirement I’m officially 120 contribution natapos ko na. Ano ba dapat Kung gawin if mag apply ano needs mga requirements .. pwd Po ba ako mag apply true online pano ano needs requirements salamuch…

  5. This is a clarification, I wanted to know if the 2nd tranche of 1,000.00 was already released. That up to the present as per my verification there was no 1,000.00 yet. But during my earlier verification with the SSS Zamboanga City, the additional benefit will be granted before the end of January. One more thing, was there a changes on the release of our pension. I am actually receiving every 1st week of every month.
    Thank you.

  6. I want to change my atm pension account from land bank to First Consilidated Bank may I ask for a letter of introduction from this office and a certificate of the amount of my pension thank you for your response

  7. Good day po!tanong ko lng po kung ilang months pa po kulang ko mula po noong 2003?dati po akong nag EPZA .at paano ko po maipagpapatuloy yung pag hulog ko?salamat po

  8. i am a diabetic since i was 39 years old,and now i am 56 y.o.,i an sufferring from glaucoma,and i am insulin dependent, what are the benefits can i avail on my sss.

  9. Querry for loan application. I have an email that my loan was approved by my company last 22 Feb 2021. It said the amount of P20,000.00. But until now I don’t have any email or notification regarding my CASH STATUS.

  10. 1)How about medication of a member?
    2)Can we claim when a member is on procedure of laparoscopy?
    3)What are the required documents ?
    4) How to clain?
    Please give me idea to claim.


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