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GSIS Emergency Loan: Who May Apply This February-March 2020

Guide on Who Are Eligible To Apply for GSIS Emergency Loan (February-March 2020)

GSIS EMERGENCY LOAN – Here is a guide on who may apply for this Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) loan offer this February-March 2020.

The Government Service Insurance System, more commonly called as GSIS, is one of the biggest social insurance institutions in the country. It has thousands of members across the nation.

Most of the GSIS members are workers in the government and employees in the public sector. They are entitled to several benefits and privileges provided they have an updated account.

To maintain your account, you must pay for the monthly membership savings to GSIS. An updated account will entitle you to loans among other benefits and offers.

GSIS Emergency Loan

One of the loans offered by the Government Service Insurance System is the GSIS Emergency Loan. It is a calamity loan that aims to assist members of the social insurance institutions who areas were struck by calamities.

To be eligible for the offer, the applicant-member must be a bona fide resident or employee in the area declared as a calamity area. Also, the member-applicant must be in active service and has no fraud records against the GSIS.

GSIS posts the lists of the areas covered by the calamity loan on its official website. For February-March 2020, here is a guide on who may apply for the GSIS Emergency Loan offer:

January 28, 2020 to February 27, 2020

  • Due to Typhoon Ursula
    • Leyte Province
    • Aklan Province
    • Daanbantayan, Cebu
    • Santa Fe, Cebu

February 12, 2020 to March 13, 2020

  • Due to Typhoon Ursula
    • Eastern Samar Province


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