GSIS Unemployment Benefit Member Eligibility Qualifications

GSIS UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT – Here is a guide on who may apply for the unemployment benefit of the Government Service Insurance System.

There are a lot of benefits in being a member of the Government Service Insurance System in the Philippines. More commonly called as GSIS, it is a social insurance institution.

The people working in the public sector and the government often have memberships with the GSIS as it is required by the agency. Every month, these members remit a portion of their salary to the social insurance institution.

The said monthly remittance is the savings of the member in the social insurance institution. A member with an updated account may be eligible to a lot of benefits.

GSIS Unemployment Benefit

One of the benefits offered by the Government Service Insurance System is the GSIS Unemployment Benefit. It aims to assist members who lost their jobs recognizing their service to the public and as well as the needs of their households as they look for another source of income.

There are eligibility qualifications in applying for the GSIS Unemployment Benefit. To be eligible to apply for it, you must be:

  • a permanent government employee
  • having a GSIS account with at least 12 months integrated contributions under the R.A. 8291
  • involuntarily separated from service either due to:
    • abolition of the office
    • abolition of the position due to reorganization

Do you want to know how much you may obtain from the said GSIS benefit? Feel free to visit – GSIS Unemployment Benefits: How Much You May Get Based on Contributions.

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