How Much SSS Pensioner’s Dependents Will Get As Allowance

Guide on SSS Pensioner’s Dependents Allowance & Rules of Availment

You can check the details below on how much the SSS pensioner’s dependents will get as monthly allowance under the Retirement Benefit.

Thousands of Pinoys in the country are pensioners of the Social Security System. More popularly called SSS, it is a state-run social insurance giant with millions of members in the country. Most of these members are individuals who are working in the private sector.

These SSS pensioners have continuously posted monthly contributions when they were still working. The monthly pension is under the SSS Retirement Benefit which is a final benefit from state-run social insurance institution. Only members who have posted at least 120 monthly contributions will qualify for it.

Aside from the monthly pension and the 13th month pension every December that the retired member receives under the SSS Retirement Benefit, his/her dependents also get a monthly allowance.

How much is the SSS pensioner’s dependents allowance amount? According to the Social Security System, each dependent will get an allowance that is equal to 10% of the retired member’s pension or P250.00, whichever is higher.

The allowance is limited to a maximum of five (5) SSS pensioner dependents only regardless of the biological relation or legitimacy. The dependents are entitled to the allowance until they reach 21 years old, marry, or die.

Requirements for SSS Retirement Benefit ads

When the SSS pensioner dies, the primary beneficiaries listed as of the date of his/her retirement will be entitled to 100% of his/her pension. If the dependent receiving an allowance from the state-run social insurance agency dies, the member must inform the government entity about the death of the dependent.

In case the member died 60 days from the start of receiving a monthly pension and has not listed any primary beneficiary, the secondary beneficiaries will get the lump sum.

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