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SSS Retirement Benefit – How Much A Dependent Can Get in Case Pensioner Dies

Guide on How Much SSS Retirement Benefit Can Get If Pensioner Dies

SSS RETIREMENT BENEFIT – Here is a guide on how much a dependent of a Social Security System (SSS) pensioner can get in case the pensioner dies.

Most people wanted to make sure that they have something to turn to in the future or when emergency situations unfortunately happen. That is many strive to apply for Social Security System membership.

More commonly called as SSS, it is one of the largest social insurance institutions in the Philippines. Most of its members are employees of private companies and those who have their own businesses or self-employed individuals.

Among the many SSS member benefits, one that is greatly looked forward-to by most members is the SSS Retirement Benefit. It is not only securing the member himself/herself but as well as his or her dependents.

SSS Retirement Benefit

Who are the considered as dependents of an SSS pensioner?

According to SSS, those who will be considered as dependents of an SSS pensioner are his or her legitimate, legally adopted, and illegitimate children. There are qualifications as well, the child must be:

  • single
  • having no work
  • not less than 21 years old (except for those who are physically or mentally impaired and cannot work for themselves)

How much a dependent can get under the SSS Retirement Benefit in case the pensioner dies?

SSS stated that every dependent can get 10% of the monthly pension of the SSS member or Php 250.00, whichever is higher. In case the pensioner has more than five(5) children, the legitimate and legally adopted children would be given priorities.

In case the SSS pensioner has less than five(5) legitimate or legally adopted children, the illegitimate children may be included to complete the set of five(5) dependents. Each dependent can receive the amount until he or she:

  • reaches 21 years old
  • gets employed
  • marries
  • has a live-in partner at the age of 18 years old

There are requirements that an SSS member must prepare in applying for the SSS Retirement Benefit. You may visit – SSS Retirement Requirements – What To Prepare in Applying For SSS Retirement Benefit.

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  • Esperanza sagucio September 28, 2019, 2:52 pm

    I am only 45 years old and I can retire from my teaching job having served for 25years.How much is my monthly pension then when i turn 60? My salary is 51thousand per month.

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