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SSS Sickness Benefit – Is It Open for Home Confinement?

Guide on Whether the SSS Sickness Benefit Is Open for Home Confinement or Not

SSS SICKNESS BENEFIT – Here is a guide on whether this Social Security System benefit is open for home confinement or not.

Nowadays, most people have a lot of turn-tos in times of medical emergencies or when they can’t simply go to work due to being sick. It is because of their membership in several government agencies.

One of the agencies that can help a person in times of sickness is the Social Security System. It is more commonly called as SSS. Most of its members are workers in the private companies, self-employed individuals, and those who applied for voluntary membership.

If you are a member of the SSS, you may be entitled to several benefits offered by the social insurance institution. Each bears a specific purpose.

SSS Sickness Benefit

In times of sickness, you may be assisted by the Social Security System through the SSS Sickness Benefit. To be eligible to apply for it, the member-applicant must:

  • be absent from work for not less than four (4) days due to sickness
  • be updated in paying for the monthly contribution / has paid at least three (3) monthly contributions within 12 months before the semester when he or she got sick
  • have used all his or her paid leaves in the company he or she is working for
  • have submitted sufficient notifications to his or her employer or to the SSS regarding his sickness

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With regards to home confinement, the SSS Sickness Benefit is open for it. According to the SSS, the self-employed, the voluntary, and the member who has left his or her work must inform the social insurance institution within five (5) days since the first day of sickness.

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