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SSS 13th Month Pay – Are Dependent Pensioners Qualified For It?

Guide on the SSS 13th Month Pay Qualifications

SSS 13TH MONTH PAY – Here is a guide on whether or not dependent pensioners are qualified to receive it from the Social Security System (SSS).

Every December, pensioners of the Social Security System are receiving a bigger amount because of the 13th month pay. It helps them cope with the holiday expenses and as well as take extra steps on their personal needs like maintenance medicines.

The said extra pay is usually credit by the SSS to the pensioners’ account within the first and second weeks of December. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the SSS is pushing through the giving of the extra pay knowing that it is much-awaited and how it greatly helps the pensioners.

SSS 13th Month Pay

The main recipients of the SSS 13th month pay are the retirees and the survivorship and disability pensioners. How about with regards to the dependent pensioners?

Dependents or minor children of an SSS pensioner who died receive a monthly pension from the state-run social insurance institution. According to the institution, dependent pensioners are also qualified to receive the SSS 13th month pension.

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The Social Security System has already started crediting the extra pay for this month based on the mode of transfer. Based on a report on Business Mirror, those who are getting their pension through the banks with Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer System and Operations Network (PESONet) have already received theirs on December 1-4.

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