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SSS Unemployment Benefit Amount: Guide on How Much You May Get

Guide on SSS Unemployment Benefit Amount for Members Who Lost Job

SSS UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFIT AMOUNT – Here is a guide on how much you may get under this benefit offer of the Social Security System (SSS) for its members who lost their jobs.

A lot of people unfortunately lost their job amid the COVID-19 crisis in the Philippines. Many businesses closed as they were not able to cope with the week-long if not month-long situations of halted operations.

The country remains under community quarantine measures for more than a year now. In areas under the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), business operations are limited. Most of those businesses that are allowed under lockdown are essential businesses but they still have to adhere to some adjustments.

The whole Metro Manila was previously placed again under ECQ for two (2) weeks. Currently, it is under granular lockdowns thus changes from time to time are expected in cities.

SSS Unemployment Benefit Amount

As many businesses closed amid the pandemic, many households are also financially struggling. A lot of people lost their jobs following the closure of businesses. Many of them are the sole breadwinners of their families.

For members of the Social Security System who lost their jobs, they may apply for the Unemployment Benefit. There are considerations. The involuntary separation from service must be due to retrenchment or downsizing, closure or cessation of operation, installation of labor-saving devices, redundancy, etc.

With regards to the SSS Unemployment Benefit Amount, according to the social insurance institution, it is equal to “twice the half of the member’s average monthly salary credit (AMSC)”.

For example, if half of your AMSC is Php 10,000.00, your SSS Unemployment Benefit amount is Php 20,000.00. It will be released through a one-time payment. The claim must be made to SSS within a year since you got involuntarily separated from service.

There are qualifications observed in applying for the unemployment benefit. You may visit – SSS Unemployment Insurance Benefit: Who Are Qualified To Apply For It.

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