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AXA Philippines Health Insurance – Full List of Health & Investment Offers

Guide on AXA Philippines Health Insurance Offers

AXA PHILIPPINES HEALTH INSURANCE – Here is a full list of the health and investment insurance policies offered by AXA Philippines.

Nowadays, many insurance policies were taken to a different level as you can have two (2) plans under a single policy. For example, you can enjoy the benefits of a health insurance with investment – or the option to grow your money.

One of the popular insurance companies in the Philippines is AXA. It has the said offer that combine medical benefits and investment. In fact, it has three (3) excellent offers under it – the Health Max, the Health Start, and the Health Start Lite.

AXA Philippines Health Insurance

AXA Philippines Health Insurance Policies w/ Investment

  • AXA Health Start Lite
    • Are you 20 years old or about to reach the said age? You may prepare for the future while enjoying the protection of a health insurance policy under this plan. If you are a parent, this can also be an excellent gift for your 20-year-old child. To check on its benefits and features, you may visit – AXA Health Start Elite – Features & Benefits of this Plan for 20-Year-Old.

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