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AXA Asset Master Insurance: Features & Benefits of this Investment Plan

Guide on AXA Asset Master Insurance Features & Benefits

AXA ASSET MASTER INSURANCE – Here is a guide on the features and benefits of this investment plan offered by AXA Philippines.

Do you want to prepare more for the future aside from the benefits of your membership to state-run government institutions? You may do so through an investment insurance. Many policies offer the security of a life insurance while giving the money opportunities to grow.

There are some insurance companies in the Philippines that offer investment insurance policies and one of them is AXA Philippines. It is a trusted insurance company with excellent offers.

AXA Asset Master Insurance

One of the investment insurance offers of AXA Philippines is the AXA Asset Master Insurance. It is open for both Philippine Peso and United States (U.S.) Dollar currencies.

Features & Benefits of AXA Asset Master Insurance:

  • Investment Diversification. Under this investment insurance policy, the insured has an access to investment opportunities not only in the Philippines but across the globe.
  • Estate Planning. You can grow and preserve your estate to secure the future of your family or heirs.
  • Business Protection. This investment insurance also offers protection of your businesses in case it will lose a key person in the operation.
  • World-Class Medical Advice. In case of diagnosis of health conditions like heart diseases, you will have access to “best in class medical advice” so you and your family can give your full attention to your recovery.

Do you want to purchase the said investment insurance? You may visit the official website of AXA Philippines to reach out to the insurance firm.

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