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BPI-Philam Investment & Life Insurance Plans – Full List & their Features

Guide on BPI-Philam Investment & Life Insurance Plan Offers & their Features

BPI-PHILAM INVESTMENT & LIFE INSURANCE PLANS – Here is a full list of the investment-linked life insurance offers of BPI-Philam.

Nowadays, there are a lot of ways on how to secure yourself and your loved ones’ future when it comes to the financial aspects. You can go for investment products offered by banks, running a progressive business, getting an insurance, etc.

When it comes to insurance policies, there are several kinds like the life insurance, the health insurance, the business insurance, the accident insurance, the investment insurance, and several policies that aim to protect properties from unforeseen circumstances.

There are companies that have already built names when it comes to insurance policies. One of them is BPI-Philam.

BPI-Philam Investment & Life Insurance Plans

BPI-Philam has several insurance offers. It has life insurance policies, health insurance plans, and investment insurance policies.

In fact, it also has offers that combine both the benefits of an investment insurance and a life insurance. Here is a full list of the BPI-Philam Investment and Life Insurance Plans and their features:

  • BPI-Philam Invest Peso Max – This a one-time payment investment-linked life insurance policy that can help you secure your money’s growth and maximize your assets.
  • BPI-Philam Invest Dollar Max – You can grow your Dollar savings with this insurance plan. It also gives you access to trusted global funds that can help you meet your investment targets.
  • BPI Preferred Life Plus – This is another one-time payment insurance offer. You can place your money in equity, bond, or both in the pursuit of growing it.

These BPI-Philam Investment and Life Insurance Plans offer lifetime coverage. They are issued to individuals aging between zero to 75 years old.

Are you interested in this BPI-Philam Health Insurance offer? You may reach out to the bank online. Visit – www.bpi-philam.com. You may also purchase it through a BPI-Philam appointed representative.

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