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Manulife HealthFlex Health Insurance – Its Features & Benefits

Guide on Manulife HealthFlex Health Insurance Policy Offer Features

MANULIFE HEALTHFLEX HEALTH INSURANCE – Here is a guide on the features and benefits of this health insurance offer of Manulife.

Nowadays, among the best preparations for the unforeseen circumstances are insurance policies. Although they can be additional payments every month, you are assured that you and your family have something to turn to in times of emergencies.

If you want to prepare for medical emergencies, a health insurance is what you need. Truths be told that no matter how we try to stay healthy at times, a certain health condition may inevitably cross the way and may add weight on our financial needs.

If you have a health insurance, all your expenses may be covered depending on your chosen plan. Some plans also cover regular check-ups.

Manulife HealthFlex Health Insurance

Manulife is one of the most prominent insurance companies in the Philippines. It has several health insurance offers.

One of the best options you can consider is Manulife HealthFlex Health Insurance. Here are its features and benefits:

  • Customizable and Affordable. You can customize your plan and pay only for the health coverage you need.
  • Guaranteed Health Insurance Coverage up to 100 Years Old
  • Extended Issue Age. You can get the Manulife HealthFlex Health Insurance plan up to 70 years old.
  • Looking Forward to Reaching 100. Upon reaching 100 years old, the insured may receive a Maturity Benefit.
  • Added Protection For You. You can get an additional for “a 2nd type of cancer or an existing cancer that progresses 3 years after the first diagnosis” whether or not you have already recovered from the first cancer.
  • The First of Its Kind. It is the first health plan with the Advanced Critical Illness Benefit resetting to 100% of its coverage.

Do you want to get a Manulife HealthFlex Health Insurance? You may visit the official website of Manulife to get to their Customer Service.

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