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Manulife Critical Illness Insurance – Features & Benefits of This Health Plan

Guide on Manulife Critical Illness Insurance Offer’s Features

MANULIFE CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE – Here is a guide on the features and benefits of this health insurance offer of Manulife.

Are you planning to get a health insurance? It is an excellent move that will not only benefit you but as well as your family. In times of financial struggles due to a medical emergency, you will have something to turn to.

In the Philippines, one of the companies that has made a name when it comes to insurance policies is Manulife. It has several offers to the public and each bear excellent features.

Manulife Critical Illness Insurance

One of its health plan offers is the Manulife Critical Illness Insurance. It features critical illness coverage, emergency and hospital benefit, and alife insurance in a single plan.

According to Manulife, once the insured is diagnosed with one of the 60 illnesses covered by the plan, he or she will be provided with the means to fund the treatment. Also, in case of hospitalization, the insured will receive a daily cash support to help with the expenses. Up to a year of confinement may be covered.

In case sudden death happens to the insured within the coverage period, the family will receive a guaranteed safety net through the plan. At the end of the 20-year coverage period, you may get your money back less the claims you have made.

Do you want to get a Manulife HealthFlex Health Insurance? You may visit the official website of Manulife to get to their Customer Service.

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