Home Credit “Credit Card” Membership Fee: Here’s How Much You Will Be Charged Monthly

Details about the Home Credit “Credit Card” Monthly Membership Fee

HOME CREDIT “CREDIT CARD” – Here is a guide on the offer of Home Credit Philippines and the monthly membership fee.

When it comes to entities that offer credit cards, banks are undeniably the most popular. Several banks in the country offers different types of credit cards that comes with different excellent features.

With regards to the credit card limit, it usually varies depending on the credit limit approved by the bank for a certain client. Meanwhile, nowadays, banks are not the only entities that offer credit cards. You may also turn to Home Credit Philippines.

The Home Credit “Credit Card” can be used in purchases in malls, groceries, and drugstores; paying for dining expenses, fuel, and food deliveries; booking tickets; and online shopping.

Home Credit Credit Card Membership Fee

According to Home Credit Philippines, there will be no additional fees in case you will use your card in paying for

With regards to the membership fee for Home Credit “Credit Card”, according to Home Credit Philippines, once the card has been activated, the cardholder will be charged P75.00 per month beginning on the initial transaction.

In case the card has been activated but it has yet to be used, the cardholder will not be charged with the monthly membership fee unless the initial transaction takes place.

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