Home Credit Card Offers Extended To Good-Paying Clients — Here’s What You Should Know…

Details about the Home Credit Card Offer for Clients w/ Good Credit Records

HOME CREDIT CARD – Home Credit Philippines clients with good records may receive this type of offer from the lending firm.

One of the most popular lenders in the Philippines is Home Credit. The said international consumer finance provider started in Czech Republic and it kept on expanding reaching several other countries across the globe including the Philippines.

It was in 2013 when Home Credit started operating in the Philippines. Here is a timeline of how the international consumer finance provider grew through the years:

  • 1997 — Czech Republic
  • 1999 — Slovakia
  • 2005 — Kazakhstan
  • 2007 — China
  • 2009 — Vietnam
  • 2011 — Air Bank, Czech Republic
  • 2012 — India
  • 2013 — Indonesia
  • 2013 — Philippines

Undeniably, Home Credit Philippines’ popularity grew rapidly and its offers are a big factor as to why it successfully drew a lot of people fast. It has in-demand offers that bears easy application process and minimal requirements.

The offer of Home Credit which is the biggest factor behind its success if the Product Loan or the product financing service. Under it, you may apply for a loan to finance the purchase of your target gadget, appliance, furniture, etc. Countless people across the nation have availed the offer.

Good payers of Home Credit may receive other offers from the international consumer finance provider such as the Home Credit Cash Loan and the Home Credit Card.

The Home Credit Card is the credit card offer of the reputable lender. It is a Visa EMV Classic Credit Card that bears the following excellent features:

  • Up to 45 Days Interest-Free — cardholders are given 30 days to settle the bill with an allowable extension of another 15 days before the final due date for the payment
  • Contactless Transaction — you can enjoy cashless transactions and you can also use your Home Credit Card in shopping online
  • Card Protection & Insurance — in cases of lost credit cards, you can easily have it blocked online to prevent unauthorized transactions
  • Secured Transactions — the credit card has security features like the EMV chip, PIN verification, and SMS alerts that ensure the safety of every transaction
  • Exclusive Deals & Promos — Home Credit has several partner merchants across the nation thus you might benefit from the deals and promos that are exclusively made for the cardholders
  • No additional fees for bills payment — you can enjoy zero fees when using the app to pay for your bill

You might be worrying about the possibility of getting charged with a membership fee. Most credit cards comes with a membership fee and other charges. It is best to read further regarding the Home Credit Card membership fee.

Home Credit Card Membership Fee

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