The Best Engaging Activities for Retirees

There are engaging activities that are best for retirees, so they can remain active and healthy in their golden years.

There are engaging activities that are best for retirees. These are helpful so they can remain active and healthy in their golden years. According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, seniors should be as active as possible. Being dynamic will help them stay healthy and live longer. In the Philippines, the top activities that are mostly participated in by Filipino retirees depend on their current health status and the community in which they live. Some prefer physical workouts; others would like sedentary activities or social engagement. Here are the most common, easy-to-perform, budget-friendly, and accessible to the majority.

Regular Exercise

A regular walk, dancing, swimming, tai chi, yoga, and aerobics are popular physical activities for seniors who are still capable. These can be performed indoors or outdoors. If you select any one of these, whether you are alone or in a group, all you need is a space, music, a mat for yoga, and a pool for swimming.


Taking care of plants as a hobby is an engaging activity. This is not as strenuous as some exercises. Planting is one popular form of relaxation during the COVID pandemic. In gardening, you will exert effort by raking fallen or dried leaves, watering the plants, trimming the stems and leaves, etc. You will not only energize but also relax with the calming effect of green surroundings.

Mahjong, Sudoku, and Puzzles

Mahjong, Sudoku, and crossword puzzle games promote critical thinking skills. It is good to engage in these activities and other similar hobbies to stay mentally active and avoid Alzheimer’s. These games also help you get social and bond with friends or other members of your community.

Playing Mahjong

Social Events and Charity Work

Some Filipino senior citizens would choose to attend social events and do charity work. They love to help other people in their age group cope with their daily lives. This can be their way of giving back, or they are simply happy with this kind of recreation.

Sedentary Activities

Reading the newspaper, listening to the radio, watching movies, or watching television are considered sedentary activities. Although these past times have very limited physical engagement, they can also be good alternative tasks once in a while, especially for those with sickness or limitations to physical undertakings.

In retrospect, according to a report released by the University of the Philippines Population Institute (UPPI), of the 9.2 million Filipinos aged 60 years and older, 46 percent are still engaged in economic activity or have to work for a living. This figure can be discouraging. But from a positive perspective, the fact that they are still capable of working is a good indication of their health status. In conclusion, the listed activities are best enjoyed if you are prepared for your retirement, especially in terms of your health and finances. Thus, it would be better to plan and prepare for your golden years if you are still on your way to retirement.

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