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AUB Cash Salary Loan – Do You Want To Apply For It Online?

Guide on How To Apply for AUB Cash Salary Loan Online

AUB CASH SALARY LOAN – Do you want to apply for the cash salary loan offer of the Asia United Bank online?

Several banks and lending companies in the Philippines are ready to assist those who are in need of cash. One of these banks is the Asia United Bank, more commonly called as AUB.

The AUB has a loan offer that is multi-purpose. It can help you make ends meet, pay for the tuition fees, cope with your travel expenses, fund a celebration, etc.

AUB Cash Salary Loan

The said loan offer is exclusive for the employees of the companies that are accredit to the bank. For company accreditation, the following requirements must be submitted by the company owner:

  • Latest three (3) years Audited Financial Statement
  • Latest General Info Sheet
  • SEC Registration Certificate
  • Company/Employee Profile

For an employee to be eligible to apply for the said loan offer, he or she must be:

  • a regular employee
  • having at least one (1) year tenure with the current company
  • earning at least Php 10,000.00 monthly

According to the bank, the monthly amortization must also not exceed 25% of the net income of the employee-borrower. Do you want to know how much you can borrow? You may visit – AUB SALARY LOANS – Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts Under It.

With regards to applying for the AUB Cash Salary Loan online, you may reach out to the bank through its hotline numbers. You may call – (02) 8470-9498 / (02) 8687-0724.

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