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HOME CREDIT LOANS: Home Credit Sends Payment Extension Offers

Have you received Home Credit loans payment extension offers?

HOME CREDIT LOANS – Home Credit Philippines sent payment extension offers to its clients.

Undeniably, one of the lending companies in the Philippines with so many clients nationwide is Home Credit. It is mainly because its offers suit the need of the public and it has very little requirements.

To be eligible to apply for the product financing services and cash loan offer of Home Credit Philippines, the borrower must be:

  • of legal age
  • having two (2) valid identification cards (IDs)
  • employed or self-employed with a stable source of income
Home Credit Loans

The product financing services offered by Home Credit covers gadgets like mobile phones, appliances, furniture, and a lot more. You only need to prepare a 30%-downpayment and you can bring home the item once your loan application is approved.

With regards to the Home Credit Cash Loan, it is open for former clients of the lending company, existing clients, and new clients. The loanable amount is subject to the approval of the bank.

Through the Home Credit loans, you may bring home your target item or borrow an amount of money and pay for it in installment. The interest would depend on the amount and the preferred loan term.

Recently, the lending company sent payment extension offers to their clients. Your payment for the Home Credit loans may be extended provided that you fill out and submit a form to the lending company. It is seemingly in line with the national crisis now due to COVID-19.

Have you received a loan payment extension offer? If you have inquiries, you may visit the official website of Home Credit Philippines.

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