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BANK OF CHINA LOANS – Full List of Personal Loans Offered By Bank

List of the Bank of China Loans Offered to the Public

BANK OF CHINA LOANS – Here is a full list of the personal loan offers of the Bank of China.

In the Philippines, there are banks operated by companies that are based in other countries. One of them is the Bank of China. It is one of the biggest commercial banks in China.

The branch of the Bank of China in PH is located in Manila. It has a lot of offers for the public including its several loan offers.

The Bank of China loans are mostly centered on personal purposes. Most offers have a specific purpose to serve.

Bank of China Loans

Based on the official website of the bank, here is a full list of the Bank of China loans that you may apply for:

1. Foreign Exchange Loan for Studying Abroad

Under this loan, applicants can be assisted with regards to paying for the school fees like the tuition of a student studying abroad.

2. Personal Revolving Loan of Credit

This personal loan offer is granted to customers based on their credit status. This is somehow the loan offer with the most flexible purposes.

3. Personal Deposit Pledge Loans

This loan is open for individuals who have deposit accounts with the Bank of China. It combines the loans and the deposits of the client.

4. Home Loans

  • Personal Housing Provident Fund Loan
  • Personal New Housing Loan
  • Personal Second-Hand Housing Loan

5. Car Loans

  • Personal Loan for Consumptive Car
  • Personal Loan for Commercial Car

6. Business Loans

  • Personal Loan of Housing for Business
  • Personal Investment and Business Loan

To apply for any of the aforementioned Bank of China loans, you may visit the official website of the bank – http://www.boc.cn.

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