Bank Loan Requirements BDO for Personal Cash Loan for Foreigner Applicants

Guide on Bank Loan Requirements BDO for Personal Cash Loan Offer (Foreigner Applicants)

BANK LOAN REQUIREMENTS BDO FOR PERSONAL CASH LOAN – Here is a list of the documents you must submit if you are a foreigner.

In the Philippines, BDO Unibank is one of the banks that has a cash loan offer for foreigners provided that they comply with the bank loan requirements for BDO Personal Cash Loan offer. If you are a foreigner or you know one who wants to apply for a cash loan, you can check on the details of the offer below as well as the documentary requirements in applying for it.

Bank Loan Requirements BDO

BDO Personal Cash Loan:

In the Philippines, one of the banks with multiple loan offers is BDO Unibank. If you are a foreigner living in the Philippines who is looking for a multi-purpose loan, you should choose the BDO Personal Cash Loan. It is open for a Filipino citizen and a foreigner who is a resident in the country.

How much you may borrow under this loan offer?

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Basic Requirements:

  • duly-accomplished and signed BDO Personal Loan Application Form
  • proof of identification

Specific Bank Loan Requirements BDO Set for Foreigner Applicants:

  • Letter from Embassy if the applicant is an Embassy Official
  • copy of Employment Contract or Certificate of Employment (COE)
  • any of the following valid documents:
    • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Immigrant Certificate of Registration (ICR)
    • valid Visa and work permit
    • valid passport with any of the following:
      • Special Investors Resident Visa;
      • Special Non-Immigrant VISA for PEZA investors and employees; or
      • VISA with E0226

To apply for this loan offer, the applicant must submit the aforementioned documents to a branch of BDO Unibank where the applicant is deemed done. All loan applications are subject to the approval of the bank. Wait for a notification regarding the status of your loan application.

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