BDO Cash Loan Loanable Amounts: Here’s How Much You May Borrow from the Bank

Guide on BDO Cash Loan Loanable Amounts – The Minimum & Maximum Amounts You May Borrow

BDO CASH LOAN LOANABLE AMOUNTS – Here is a guide on how much you may borrow from BDO Unibank under its personal cash loan offer.

Nowadays, more and more people prefer bank loans and loans to lending companies over borrowing money from private individuals in times of financial needs. There are several options that you can turn to and each loan offer bears special features.

In the Philippines, one of the banks that you may turn to for a cash loan offer is BDO Unibank. The BDO Cash Loan loanable amounts are also among the widest and the offer is open for both employed and self-employed individuals and it is also open for several purposes.

Requirements for BDO Cash Loan

How much are the BDO Cash Loan loanable amounts? Here are the minimum and maximum loanable amounts under this loan offer:

  • Minimum Loanable Amount – P10,000.00
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – P2,000,000.00

According to BDO Unibank, you can pay for the amount your borrowed from six (6) months up to 36 months or three (3) years. With regards to the interest rate, it depends on the loan term you have chosen.

TermFactor RateMonthly Add-On RateEffective Rate per Annum

Do you want to apply for the said BDO loan offer? There are documents you must gather and submit to the bank. To check on the documentary requirements in applying for the loan offer, you may visit – Requirements for BDO Cash Loan Offer Application – Here’s What You Need To Prepare.

If you want to check on the other loan offers of BDO Unibank, you may visit – BDO LOAN OFFERS: List of BDO Loans & Application Requirements.

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