BDO LOAN OFFERS: List of BDO Loans & Application Requirements

Guide on the List of BDO Loan Offers & their Application Requirements

BDO LOAN OFFERS – Here is a list of the loans offered by Banco de Oro or BDO Unibank and the application requirements under each loan.

Most banks in the Philippines now offer loans to the public. Undeniably, this is why banks are among the best turn-tos by individuals who are in the face of emergencies and financial insufficiency.

Also, banks can also help those people who wanted to acquire their own house and lot or vehicle but don’t have the cash to buy for it. One of these banks is the Banco de Oro / BDO Unibank.

The Banco de Oro has several BDO loan offers for the public including a personal loan, a car loan, and a home loan. In applying for these loans, the applicants should comply with the application requirements set.

BDO Loan Offers

Based on the official website of Banco de Oro, here is a summary of the BDO loan offers and as well as the application requirements set under each type of loan:

BDO Personal Loan

The personal loan is a flexible loan offer of the bank. The amount can be used for the purchase of a gadget, in traveling to your dream destination, in paying for hospital bills, etc. This is usually applied for by the individuals who have other purposes apart from acquiring a house or car.

For the requirements, visitBDO Personal Loan Requirements.

For a guide on how to apply, visitBDO Personal Loan.

BDO Home Loan

Are you craving to have your own house? You may apply for the BDO Home Loan. You may apply for it if you wish to buy a lot or a residential property.

For the requirements, visitBDO Home Loan Requirements.

For a guide on how to apply, visitBDO Home Loan.

BDO Car Loan

If you are into acquiring your own vehicle so traveling won’t be hard for you anymore, you may apply for the car or auto loan offer of the BDO. A few qualification and documentary requirements have been set by the bank for this.

For the requirements, visitBDO Auto Loan Requirements.

For a guide on how to apply, visitBDO Car Loan.

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