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BPI Loan “Step Up PayPlan” – Full List of Loans Under This Plan Offer

Guide on BPI Loan “Step Up PayPlan” Offers for Smoother Repayment

BPI LOAN “STEP UP PAYPLAN” – Here is a full list of the loans offered by the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) under the “Step Up PayPlan” offer.

A lot of people acquired a house and lot and a car because of loan. Truths be told that buying these things in cash is not for everyone – for most people in fact.

Buying a residential property or a vehicle is one of the biggest moves you can ever make. If you want to do it in cash, you must really have a huge savings at the bank as it will require you from hundreds of thousands to millions.

Meanwhile, you may apply for a loan to buy a house or a car. One of the banks with several loan offers is the Bank of the Philippine Islands or more commonly called as BPI.

BPI Loan Offers Step Up PayPlan
BPI Loan Offers Step Up PayPlan

A residential property and a vehicle are two (2) of the best investments you can ever have. Having your own house and lot saves you from paying for rents wherein you will never have the ownership of the property while a car offers convenience, safe traveling, and an emergency preparation.

With regards to the BPI loan offers, some of its loans are now under a “Step Up PayPlan” promo. This aims to help borrowers adjust in the repayment of the loan by starting from the lowest monthly amortization in the first year.

The monthly payment increases annually. With regard to the interest rate, you can have it under a lock-in depending on your chosen term. Feel free to visit the features of the Step Up PayPlan promo under each BPI loan:

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