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BPI Offers Special Loan for Healthcare Workers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Details on Special Loan Offer of BPI for Healthcare Workers

BPI – The Bank of the Philippine Islands has a special loan offer for the healthcare workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

More than 200 countries and territories now are fighting against a common enemy – the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people lost their lives to this disease that was first recorded in China last December 2019.

Starting January 2020, several other nations recorded cases of COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared it as pandemic with its effects going beyond what was expected of it.

One of the countries with confirmed cases of COVID-19 is the Philippines. Currently, over 90,000 cases of the disease were recorded in the country. Many healthcare workers also contracted the disease in the line of duty.


A lot of households are suffering from financial struggles now aside from the stress over the threats of COVID-19. To help the healthcare workers who got a lot of things to think about now, some entities have offers.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands or more commonly known as BPI has a special loan offer for the healthcare workers. It is a cash loan that is open for all the clients of the bank working in the healthcare industry.

According to the bank, the processing fees are waived under the said loan offer. The bank also offers a special add-on rate of 0.55%. Applications will be accepted until August 31.

Do you want to know how much you can borrow under this special loan offer? Feel free to visit – BPI Loan for Healthcare Workers – How Much You Can Borrow Under It.

The application for this loan offer can be done online. You may visit the Bank of the Philippine Islands’ website.

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