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CTBC Bank Salary Loan – How Much Is the Monthly Due For 300K Loan

Guide on How Much Is the Monthly If You’ll Borrow 300K under CTBC Bank Salary Loan

CTBC BANK SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much will be your monthly due if you’ll borrow Php 300,000.00 under this offer.

Did the recent household expenses drained your budget off in an instant? Are you worrying on where to get money to make it to the next payday?

Worry no more. There are a lot of solutions on the surface. You may consider the offers of some government agencies, banks, and lending companies and financing firms.

The CTBC Bank, also known as Chinatrust Banking Corporation, is one of those with loan offers that can help you make ends meet. More so, it can also help you achieve or fund your personal goals.

CTBC Bank Salary Loan

You may be eligible to apply for the CTBC Bank Loan. To be eligible to apply for the said offer, the applicant-borrower must be:

  • between 23 to 60 years old
  • having an office landline
  • a Filipino citizen
  • earning at least Php 15,000.00 for Metro Manila-based applicants or Php 10,000.00 for applicants based in provinces outside the Metro

Under the said loan offer, you may borrow up to Php 1,000.000.00. Meanwhile, if you only need an average amount like Php 300,000.00, here is an idea of how much will be your monthly due under the CTBC Bank Salary Loan:

  • 12-Month Term Loan – Php 29,170.00 – Php 30,370.00
  • 18-Month Term Loan – Php 20,836.67 – Php 22,036.67
  • 24-Month Term Loan – Php 16,670.00 – Php 17,870.00
  • 36-Month Term Loan – Php 12,503.33 – Php 13,703.33

Are you planning to apply for the said bank offer? Feel free to visit – How To Apply For Salary Loan To CTBC Bank.

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