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EastWest Bank Savings Account – How Much Is the Required Initial Deposit

Guide on EastWest Bank Savings Account Required Initial Deposit in Opening

EASTWEST BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT – Here is a guide on the required initial deposit in opening an account with EastWest Bank.

Nowadays, parents open bank accounts even for their small children so the kids will learn how to save money. Putting money in the money does not only help you save money but as well as grow your savings.

Once it reaches the amount set by the bank, your savings may earn interest from the bank. One of the banks that offer savings accounts is the EastWest Bank.

EastWest Bank Savings Account

The savings accounts offered by EastWest Bank has a lot of excellent features. You may withdraw money over the counter or through an Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

The ATM card under this account is accepted in the Philippine ATMs and as well as Visa Plus ATMs across the globe. You may also perform bank transactions through EastWest Online.

With an EastWest Bank Savings ATM, you may go shopping even without a cash in your wallet. Just bring your card with you and have it swiped when you make purchases.

According to the bank, it is accepted by visa-accredited merchants worldwide. You may also use it in online shopping or purchases you make from visa-accepting online merchants across the globe.

Do you want to open an EastWest Bank Savings Account? Another excellent feature is the required initial deposit of the bank which is at Php 100.00 only for the Basic Savings Account.

Prepare your valid IDs and you may head to the branch of EastWest Bank nearest to you. Aside from this account, the bank also has several loan offers you may want to apply for.

visit: EASTWEST BANK LOANS: List of Loan Offers of EastWest Bank

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