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Open Landbank Cash Card – How Much Is the Initial Deposit

Are You Planning To Open A Landbank Cash Card For A Certain Purpose?

OPEN LANDBANK CASH CARD – Here is a guide on the initial deposit set by the Landbank of the Philippines in opening this type of card.

Nowadays, there are several ways that employers give or send the monthly salary of their employees. Although there are still companies that do it manually or in cash basis, a lot of companies utilize the presence of online banking transactions.

Instead of handing the monthly wage in the form of cash to the employee and letting him sign a payroll, some firms require their workers to open a cash card. There are several banks that have the said offer.

A cash card is like a savings account that comes with an ATM card. Employers can send money online and the employees can withdraw it to an authorized ATM machine using his cash card.

Landbank Cash Card

One of the banks that have the said offer is the Landbank of the Philippines. It is the top government bank in the country and it has a lot to offer to the public.

With regard to the Landbank Cash Card, it is open for corporate credits like employee benefits, loans, pensions, payroll credits, commission of agents or sales personnel and reimbursements, allowances, and bonuses.

You may also apply for it for fund remittance and as a collection mode if your are a merchant. You can withdraw up to Php 50,000.00 and there are over 1,400 Landbank ATMs and more than 14,000 BancNet ATM systems that accept the card.

To open a Landbank cash card, there is no initial deposit that you must adhere to but you have to pay for the card cost which is Php 100.00. The bank has not provided the processing duration or how long will it take for a client to get the card.

Do you want to open a Landbank cash card? You may head to the branch of the government bank nearest to you. Bring your valid IDs.

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