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Landbank Credit Card: Does It Have A Cash Advance Feature?

Guide on Landbank Credit Card Features & Offers

LANDBANK CREDIT CARD – You might be wondering whether or not the credit card offered by the Landbank of the Philippines allows cash advance.

In the Philippines, there are private banks and as well as banks that are governed by the state. Under the latter, one of the entities is the Landbank of the Philippines. It is a universal bank that has several offers most especially for the farmers and the fishermen.

Landbank has several deposit accounts, loans, and electronic banking services offers. It also got remittance services for Filipinos and as well as non-Filipinos who want to send money in and out of the country. The government bank also got trust banking offers.

There are also several cards that you may apply for in the said government bank. One of them is the Landbank credit card.

Landbank Credit Card

The Landbank credit card is available for usage in Matercard accredited merchants. One of its best features is the cash advance feature.

According to the government bank, a credit cardholder may avail the cash advance feature under a fee of 5% of the amount withdrawn but not over Php 200.00. Do you want to know the eligibility requirements or the qualifications set by the bank in applying for the said offer?

Just like in other credit card offers, the government bank has also set income requirements in applying for its card offer. All applications are subject to the approval of the bank. For the income requirements, please refer below:

Do you want to apply for the said Landbank credit card offer? For a guide on the application process including the requirements in applying for it, you may visit – CREDIT CARD LANDBANK: How To Apply For Landbank Credit Card.

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