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PNB Savings Account Requirements – What To Prepare in Opening Account

List of PNB Savings Account Requirements For Those Who Want To Open Account

PNB SAVINGS ACCOUNT REQUIREMENTS – Here is a guide on what you must prepare in opening a savings account with the Philippine National Bank (PNB).

One of the ways to grow your money while keeping it safely is by depositing it in a savings account. In fact, a lot of parents have opened savings accounts for their kids to teach them the value of saving and growing the savings.

There are several banks that offer deposit and savings accounts. One of them is the Philippine National Bank or more commonly called as PNB.

PNB Savings Account Requirements
Photo Credit: PNB

The PNB Debits Savings Account come with excellent features. You will be given a PNP-PAL Mabuhay Miles Debit Mastercard that you can utilize in making payments to Mastercard and Maestro-accredited merchants.

Also, there is easy access to your money. There are over two (2) million ATMS worldwide. You can go cashless shopping by using your card in making payments or you can withdraw when you are already at the shopping mall to make payments.

With regards to the PNB Savings Account requirements in opening, there are three (3) things that you must prepare…

  • duly-accomplished account application form which can be obtained from the bank
  • two (2) government-issued IDs that are within their validity period
  • initial deposit

Most bank accounts got a required initial deposit. As part of the PNB Savings Account requirements, you may visit this page for the initial deposit in opening the said account – PNB Savings Account Initial Deposit – How Much You Must Prepare.

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