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RCBC Corporate Auto Loan – How Much You Must Prepare for Downpayment

Guide on How Much You Must Prepare for RCBC Corporate Auto Loan Downpayment

RCBC CORPORATE AUTO LOAN – Here is a guide on how much you must prepare for the downpayment under this RCBC loan offer.

A lot of companies in the Philippines are accredited in certain banks. It is in the pursuit to provide more assistance, options, and opportunities to their employees.

Aside from the fact that a back accreditation can entitle employees to avail cash loans to make ends meet, it can also help them achieve personal goals. These goals include buying a house and a car – really big purchases, isn’t it?

RCBC Corporate Auto Loan

One of the banks that have the said big offers for the employees of the accredited companies is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. More commonly called as RCBC, it got several auto loans you may apply for.

The RCBC Corporate Auto Loan offers include an “Auto Fleet Financing” and a “Floorstock Financing”. Aside from the employees, the employers may also purchase vehicles for their business needs under these offers.

Do you want to know how much you can borrow under each offer? You may visit – RCBC CORPORATE AUTO LOANS – How Much You Can Borrow Under Each Offer.

With regards to the downpayment, the bank has provided the info about RCBC Corporate Auto Loan downpayment under “Auto Fleet Financing”. It is at 20% of the purchase price.

To apply for this RCBC loan offer, you may visit this page for a guide on the application process and the requirements to prepare – RCBC Auto Loan – How To Apply & Requirements Needed.

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