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Flexi Finance Cash Loan – Minimum and Maximum Loanable Amounts Under It

Guide on the Minimum and Maximum Loanable Amounts Under Flexi Finance Cash Loan

FLEXI FINANCE CASH LOAN – Here is a guide on the minimum and the maximum loanable amounts under this loan offer.

One of the lending companies that rapidly rose to fame in the Philippines is the Flexi Finance. Many people are surely familiar with it as it has deployed agents in several stores across the nation.

These agents that can help you are in uniforms of white and green, the official colors of the lending firm. It can assist you in availing or applying for the different offers including loans.

One of the loans that the firm offers is the Flexi Finance Cash Loan. It is offered to the previous and existing clients of the lending firm. Have you an SMS invitation?

Flexi Finance Cash Loan

Flexi Finance has set a few eligibility qualifications and requirements in applying for the said loan offer. To be eligible for it, the applicant must be:

  • at least 18 years old but not more than 68 years old
  • having two (2) valid IDs (SSS, TIN, Voter’s ID, Passport, Driver’s License)
  • employed for at least three (3) months

With regards to the minimum and the maximum loanable amounts under the Flexi Finance Cash Loan, the amount may depend on the offer of the lending firm as the maximum loanable amount.

To apply for it, simply go to a partner store of Flexi Finance and be assisted by its agent. Don’t forget to bring your IDs.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this matter. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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