RCBC CASH SALARY LOAN – How Much Will Be Your Monthly Due Under This Loan

Guide on the Possible Monthly Due Under RCBC Cash Salary Loan

RCBC CASH SALARY LOAN – Here is a guide on how much will be your monthly due under the said RCBC personal loan offer.

Nowadays, employees can turn to banks when they are in the face of financial emergencies. Some banks offer loans that do not require company accreditation – thus the offers are not exclusive.

One of the banks that offer a loan that is not exclusive for the employees of its accredited companies only is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation. It is more commonly called as RCBC.

RCBC Cash Salary Loan

Employees of companies may apply for the RCBC personal loan or RCBC Cash Salary Loan as others call it provided that the employee is:

  • working for at least two (2) years already in the current company
  • earning at least Php 20,000.00 only
  • working in a company that belongs to the Top 10,000 corporations; or
  • working in a legitimate company that is operating for at least five (5) years already

Do you want to know how much the bank can lend you? You may visit – RCBC PERSONAL LOAN AMOUNT: Minimum & Maximum Loan Amount.

With regards to the possible monthly due under the RCBC Cash Salary Loan, you may get an idea about it before applying for a loan. To check on how much you must possibly pay for monthly, you may visit the online calculator provided by the bank – https://www.rcbc.com/personal-loans.

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