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RCBC Basic Savings Account – How Much Is the Required Initial Deposit

Guide on RCBC Basic Savings Account Required Initial Deposit in Opening Account

RCBC BASIC SAVINGS ACCOUNT – Here is a guide on the required initial deposit set by Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) under this account offer.

One of the most popular banks in the Philippines is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation or more commonly called as RCBC. It has several offerings from savings and deposit accounts to credit cards, loans, and a lot more.

With regards to its account offers, there are several types with different features including the initial deposit, the interest rate, and the balance set by the bank to earn interest.

RCBC Basic Savings Account
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One of the savings accounts offered by the bank is the RCBC Basic Savings Account. It features an easy opening of the said account and an inclusion of an ATM card.

You may withdraw in ATMs nationwide at any time of the day. You may also go for cashless shopping as it has worldwide acceptance through the Mastercard.

Furthermore, you may also use your ATM for an online shopping spree in different online stores. It promotes enhanced security in doing payments. According to RCBC, it is perfect for people who have no bank account and as well as those who have no government-issued ID.

With regard to the required initial deposit under the RCBC Basic Savings Account, it is at Php 100.00. There is no required average daily balance (ADB) under this offer.

In opening this RCBC account, aside from the initial deposit, you must prepare a few general documentary requirements. Feel free to visit – RCBC Savings Account Requirements – What You Must Prepare.

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