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RCBC Savings Account Requirements – What You Must Prepare

Guide on RCBC Savings Account Requirements in Opening “Basic” Account

RCBC SAVINGS ACCOUNT REQUIREMENTS – Here is a guide on what you must prepare in opening a Basic Savings Account offer of Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC) offer.

Are you planning to open a bank account where you can save your money for future use or in preparation for the unforeseen circumstances? There are several banks that offer savings accounts.

One of these banks is Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC). It has several savings account offers including the following:

  • FlexiSavers
  • iSave
  • Basic Savings
  • GoSavers
  • SSS Pensioner
  • Regular Savings ATM
  • Regular Savings Passbook
  • eWoman Savings
  • Dragon Peso Savings
  • Foreign Currency
  • Dragon Dollar Savings
RCBC Savings Account Requirements
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If you have no valid ID issued by the government, the best choice would be the RCBC Basic Savings Account. It only requires a few documents in opening.

According to the bank, the RCBC Savings Account requirements under the said account only requires one (1) valid ID. You may also present a barangay certificate in the absence of an ID.

Despite its easy application, this RCBC account does not fall behind when it comes to features. It comes with an ATM card that is accepted worldwide through Mastercard.

You can go cashless shopping and simply have your ATM swiped for the payment of the bill. If you want to do the payment in cash, you may also withdraw through ATMs nationwide.

According to RCBC, there is no required average daily balance (ADB) under this savings account offer. The maximum account balance is Php 50,000.00.

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