Security Bank Cash Loan: Who Are Qualified To Apply for this Offer

Guide on Security Bank Cash Loan Application Qualifications

SECURITY BANK CASH LOAN – Below are the qualifications set by Security Bank in applying for this loan offer.

The Security Bank, one of the trusted banks in the Philippines, is one of the entities that you can turn to when it comes to loan offers. It actually has several loans that are not exclusive to its clients unliked some offers from other financing firms.

Security Bank Cash Loan
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Who are qualified to apply for Security Bank Cash Loan? Like in other loan offers, there are qualifications in applying for it. To be eligible to apply for this cash loan, the applicant-borrower should be:

  • a Filipino citizen
  • at least 21 years of age at the time of the loan application but not more than 65 years old upon the loan maturity
  • having a residence or office landline
  • if you are employed, you must be earning at least:
    • P15,000 for those who are working in Metro Manila
    • P12,000 for those who are working outside Metro Manila
  • if you are self-employed or a self-employed professional, you must be the owner of at least 40% stake in the business that is in a profitable operation for at least two (2) years already with one (1) trade reference and a gross monthly income of at least P100,000

Aside from the eligibility requirements, the bank has also set a list of documents that applicants must prepare and submit to apply. You may visit – Requirements for Security Bank Cash Loan – Here’s List of Documents You Must Prepare.

Bring your documents to a branch of Security Bank nearest to you and submit them to begin the process. Wait for the notification from the bank regarding the status of your loan application. It may take up to five (5) working days.

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