Maybank Commercial Loan: How Much You Can Borrow for Developmental Loan

Guide on Maybank Commercial Loan Loanable Amount

MAYBANK COMMERCIAL LOAN – Are you wondering if how much you can borrow to finance your project as a real estate developer?

Some banks in the Philippines offer both personal and business loan offers. One of these is Maybank. Thus, it is an entity that those who want to expand or start a business can turn to. It can assist you in both small and big projects.

One of the Maybank commercial loan offers is the Developmental Loan. If you are a real estate developer, this is probably the business loan offer that suits your project best. You can check on the details of this bank cash loan offer below including the eligibility requirements and the loanable amounts.

Maybank Commercial Loan

The loanable amounts…

How much can you borrow from Maybank Commercial Loan for developmental purposes? The limit has something to do with the price of the project property you want to build.

According to the bank, you can borrow up to 60% of the appraised value of the project property under the Maybank Commercial Loan for structure development. For example, the appriased value of the property is P1 million, you can borrow up to P600,000. You can repay the loan up to five (5) years.

Who are qualified to apply for this loan offer?

There are eligibility requirements in applying for the loan offer. To qualify for the loan, the applicant-borrower must be:

  • a real estate developer with a minimum of five (5) years in profitable operations
  • having a successful track record in project completion
  • a member of the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA)

To apply, you may visit a branch of Maybank nearest to you. You may also contact the bank at 8588-3765.

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