How To Apply for Business Permit in the Philippines — A GUIDE

Steps on How To Apply for Business Permit in the Philippines for a Legal Operation

HOW TO APPLY FOR BUSINESS PERMIT IN THE PHILIPPINES – Here are the steps in appplying for a Business Permit and the requirements.

More and more people are considering investing their money in a business in the pursuit to grow it. It is after countless people were able to only to double their wealth but generate it into several folds because of a successful business.

Business Permit in the Philippines
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However, while there is really a possibility that the business that you aspire to have will pave the way for you to be a millionaire or even a billionaire, you must make peace with the fact that the start will not be very easy. You even have to process several documents so you can register your business and apply for a permit. The steps on how to apply for a Business Permit in the Philippines undeniably requires not only money but as well as energy and tons of patience.

How To Apply for Business Permit Philippines
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Meanwhile, surely, all the hard work may really pay off if you believe that your plans have a big chance of working. Why not give it a try, isn’t it?

It is best to prepare for the Business Permit application fees before starting with the process on how to apply for a Business Permit in the Philippines:

Step 1 — Prepare the requirements for Business Permit application. Make sure you have the complete documents to conserve time and energy once you have already started the process.

Step 2 — Go to the Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) in your city/municipal hall. There are also off-site locations where Business Permit applications are accepted if your Local Government Unit (LGU) has partnered with some malls like SM, Ayala, Robinsons, and Vista Malls.

Step 3 — Ask for a copy of the Business Permit Application Form and provide the information asked in the form. It may also be available at your LGU’s website.

Step 4 — Submit the accomplished Business Permit Application Form and the other documentary requirements at the BPLO. The staff will evaluate the documents and assess the tax and fees.

Step 5 — Pay for the tax and the Business Permit processing fees at the cashier. Make sure to keep your official receipt.

Step 6 — Wait for the release of your Business Permit. Once released and your business has started operating, make sure to display it at the store or office of your business.

After securing a Business Permit, your business can start operation provided that you have also secured the following documents:

  • Business TIN and Certificate of Registration from the BIR
  • Business SSS Number
  • Pag-IBIG Employer-Member Registration
  • PhilHealth Employer-Member Registration

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