GSIS Emergency Loan: Can Pensioners Apply For It?

Details about the GSIS Emergency Loan Offer for Members

GSIS EMERGENCY LOAN – Are you wondering if old-age pensioners of the Government Service Insurance System may apply for this loan offer?

In times of calamities, people who have active memberships with the different government agencies will not be left with nothing. They have these entities to turn to for loans, benefits, and other services that could assist them to recovery.

One of the state-run institutions in the country is the Government Service Insurance System. More commonly called GSIS, it is a social insurance institution for those who are working in the government or the public sector.

Meanwhile, the GSIS members are not only the individuals who are currently working in the public sector but as well as former government employees. These includes retirees or also called pensioners.

GSIS Emergency Loan

Are pensioners qualified to avail the GSIS Emergency Loan in times of financial struggle in the household following a calamity? According to the social insurance institution, old-age pensioners are allowed to apply for this loan offer provided that they are residing in the area hit by the calamity.

Aside from old-age pensioners, disability pensioners may also apply for the GSIS Emergency Loan offer. You can borrow P20,000 under this offer and you may apply for it online. For a guide in the online application process, you may visit – GSIS LOGIN – Guide on How To Login to eGSIS MO.

The application can also be done personally to a branch of GSIS nearest to you. You can download the form online so you only need to go there for the submission of the form. To download the loan application form, you may visit – GSIS Emergency Loan Application Form: Download This To Apply.

Aside from the calamity loan, GSIS has several other loan offers to its members. You may visit – GSIS LOANS – 3 Ways To Apply For GSIS Loan Offer.

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