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GSIS FUNERAL BENEFIT – What To Submit In the Absence of NSO Birth Certificate

Guide in Claiming the GSIS Funeral Benefit In the Absence of NSO Birth Certificate

GSIS FUNERAL BENEFIT – Here is a guide on what you must submit to the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) in the absence of an NSO Birth Certificate.

Employees in the Philippines are usually members of at least one (1) social insurance institution. It is either the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) or the Social Security System (SSS).

Those who are working in private companies and sector are members of the SSS. Most of the GSIS members are employees of the government and the public sector.

GSIS members remit a part of their monthly wage as savings to the social insurance institution. A membership qualifies the person to several benefits depending on his or her contributions or savings.

GSIS Funeral Benefit

One of the said benefits is the Funeral Benefit. It is an assistance extended to the family of the deceased member of the social insurance institution.

The said benefit can be claimed by the legitimate spouse, the legitimate child who paid for the funeral services, or any person who spent for the burial of the member.

Do you want to know the qualifications and the amount that the family of the deceased member may receive? You may visit – GSIS FUNERAL BENEFIT – Who Are Eligible For This Cash Assistance.

To claim the GSIS Funeral Benefit, the claimant must submit the NSO Death Certificate of the member; the NSO Marriage Contract (if applicable); two (2) valid IDs; and the original NSO Birth Certificate of the claimant.

According to GSIS, in the absence of the NSO Birth Certificate, any of the following may be submitted instead:

  • valid passport
  • valid VISA
  • driver’s license
  • PRC ID with date of birth

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