LTO Penalty Fees: List of Fines Relative to Driver’s License, Driving

Guide on LTO Penalty Fees w/ Regards to Driving Offenses, Driver’s License

LTO PENALTY FEES – Here is a list of the fines or penalties implemented by the Land Transportation Office relative to driver’s license and driving.

Driving without License – P3,000

Before driving any vehicle in the Philippines, you must first secure a driver’s license. The process starts in obtaining a “Student Permit” that allows the holder to only drive a vehicle if he or she is beside someone who holds a professional or non-professional driver’s license. After a month of being on a “Student Permit” status, you may apply for a professional or non-professional driver’s license depending on the vehicle that you wish to drive.

Not wearing seatbelt

  • First Offense – P1,000
  • Second Offense – P2,000
  • Third Offense – P5,000

It is important to wear proper seatbelts not only to avoid the LTO fees but for your safety. Both drivers and front seat passengers must wear seatbelts.

Driving under the impact of Alcohol / Drugs

  • Not causing injuries or deaths – P20,000 to P80,000
  • Causing injuries – P100,000 to P200,000
  • Causing death – P300,000 to P500,000

Anyone who drives a vehicle must be free from the influence of alcohol and drugs not only for the driver’s safety but as well as the safety of the other drivers and people on the road.

Careless Driving (not using signal lights, not paying attention to road quality / visibility)

  • First Offense – P2,000
  • Second Offense – P3,000
  • Subsequent Conviction – P10,000

Executing proper driving methods does not only promotes a driver’s safety but as well as the safety of the other motorists and the people on the road. It is important to use the signal light when making a turn, look at the left, right, and ahead when crossing the intersection, abide by the speed limit, etc.

Other LTO Penalty Fees:

  • Illegal Parking – P1,000
  • Disobeying Traffic Lights – P1,000
  • Driving in Prohibited Roads – P1,000
  • Failure to darken headlamps – P1,000
  • Turning in roads it is not allowed – P1,000
  • Overtaking in roads it is not allowed – P1,000

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