Penalty of LTO: List of Fines in Connection w/ Vehicle Accessories, Parts

Guide on Penalty of LTO on Violations Related to Vehicle Accessories & Parts

PENALTY OF LTO – Here is a list of the fines implemented by the Land Transportation Office in connection with the accessories and parts.

Driving a car with no proper and authorized devices, accessories, and parts – P5,000

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) listed the brake system, car light system (headlights, sidelights, and interior lights), blinkers, warning devices, and horns as among the equipment, accessories, and parts that a car must have. Along with proper execution, they ensure road safety.

Driving a car with an unauthorized or improperly attached motor vehicle license plate – P5,000

Improper stickers on the license plate of the vehicle are not allowed. Furthermore, the license plate must be placed in the right areas.

Smoke Belching

  • First Offense – P2,000
  • Second Offense – P4,000
  • Third Offense – P6,000

The Land Transportation Office stipulates the standard emission gasoline of every vehicle. The owner or driver might incur penalty of LTO once the emission of the vehicle exceeds the allowed volume.

Other Penalties:

  • Driving without License – P3,000
  • Submission of Fake Documents in Relation to Application for Driver’s License – P3,000
  • Not wearing seatbelt
    • First Offense – P1,000
    • Second Offense – P2,000
    • Third Offense – P5,000
  • Not wearing standard protective motorcycle helmet (driver and back rider)
    • First Offense – P1,500
    • Second Offense – P3,000
    • Third Offense – P5,000
  • Careless Driving (not using signal lights, not paying attention to road quality / visibility)
    • First Offense – P2,000
    • Second Offense – P3,000
    • Subsequent Conviction – P10,000
  • Illegal Parking – P1,000
  • Disobeying Traffic Lights – P1,000
  • Driving in Prohibited Roads – P1,000
  • Failure to darken headlamps – P1,000
  • Turning in roads it is not allowed – P1,000
  • Overtaking in roads it is not allowed – P1,000
  • Driving without Valid Vehicle Registration – P10,000
  • Driving illegally modified car – P5,000
  • Running a right-hand car – P50,000
  • Failure to carry driver’s license while driving – P1,000
  • Failure to yield right of away to ambulance, police, or fire department vehicles – P1,000

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