LTO Portal — How To Register to LTMS for Drivers, Vehicle Owners

LTO Portal

Guide on LTO Portal “LTMS” Registration for Convenient Processing LTO PORTAL – Here is a guide on how to register to the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) online portal. One of the government agencies that cater services to thousands of people daily is the Land Transportation Office, more popularly called LTO. It is the governing … Read more

LTO Renewal Car Registration: How To Renew Your Vehicle’s Registration

LTO Renewal Car Registration

Guide on LTO Renewal Car Registration – Step-by-Step Process LTO RENEWAL CAR REGISTRATION – Here is a guide on how to renew the registration of your vehicle at the Land Transportation Office (LTO). One of the biggest government institutions in the Philippines is the Land Transportation Office. More commonly called LTO, it is the state … Read more

Renew LTO Car Registration – The Step-by-Step Process

Renew LTO Car Registration

Guide on How To Renew your LTO Car Registration Including the Fees RENEW LTO CAR REGISTRATION – Here is a step-by-step process for the renewal of your car registration to the Land Transportation Office (LTO). In the Philippines, among the requirements in driving is that you hold a driver’s permit or license issued by the … Read more

Drivers License Fee LTO: How Much You Must Prepare for Professional License

Drivers License Fee LTO

Guide on Drivers License Fee LTO (Professional License) DRIVERS LICENSE FEE LTO – Here is a guide on how much you must prepare for an LTO professional driver’s license. A valid driver’s license issued by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is required in driving in the Philippines – otherwise, you will be fined. The government … Read more

Student Permit LTO Fee: Guide on How Much You Must Prepare

Student Permit LTO Fee

Details about the Student Permit LTO Fee & Application Process STUDENT PERMIT LTO FEE – Here is a guide on how much you must prepare in applying for a student permit to the Land Transportation Office. Before driving, one of the things that you must secure is a driver’s license. In the Philippines, you may … Read more