LTO Violation Fee: Full List of Penalties for these Driving Offenses in PH

Guide on LTO Violation Fee for Driving Offenses

LTO VIOLATION FEE – Here is a full list of the penalties for committing driving offenses in the Philippines.

Driving in the Philippines require a valid Driver’s License issued by the Land Transportation Office. More commonly called LTO, the government agency is tasked not only in making sure that drivers know the driving and traffic rules but as well as the registration of the vehicles in the country. It is the owners’ responsibility to apply for a vehicle registration which includes certain processes.

LTO releases a student permit first to those who wanted to apply for a non-professional or professional driver’s license. The applicant will be under a student permit that requires the presence or company of someone who has a non-professional or professional driver’s license when driving for a month.

After a month, you may apply for a non-professional or professional driver’s license depending on which type of vehicle you are planning to drive. Both the driver’s license and the vehicle registration are needed in driving.

LTO Violation Fee

Driving without a driver’s license has penalty and the same thing is in driving a vehicle that is not registered to LTO. These are not only to avoid penalties but as well as parts of the efforts to keep the road safer.

With regards to the LTO violation fee in every driving or traffic rule not followed, the government agency has set different fines depending on the violation of the driver. If it is about the driver’s license and the driving rules, you may visit – LTO Penalty Fees: List of Fines Relative to Driver’s License, Driving.

With regards to the fines regarding the registration of the vehicle, you may visit – LTO Fines and Penalties w/ Regards to Car Registration / Renewal (LIST). There are also penalties regarding some prohibited vehicle accessories. Feel free to visit – Penalty of LTO: List of Fines in Connection w/ Vehicle Accessories, Parts.

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