LTO Fines and Penalties w/ Regards to Car Registration / Renewal (LIST)

Guide on LTO Fines and Penalties Relative to Car Registration / Renewal

LTO FINES AND PENALTIES – Here is a list of the fees implemented by the Land Transportation Office relative to car registration and renewal.

Driving without Valid Vehicle Registration – P10,000

Your motorcycle, four-wheeled vehicle, truck or any other vehicle must be registered to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to avoid this penalty. For the registration of your vehicle, there are documents that you need to prepare and submit and the vehicle will also be checked by the government agency. You need to prepare the following in original copies:

  • sales invoice
  • Insurance Certificate of Cover (Third Party Liability)
  • Philippine National Police – Highway Patrol Group (PNPHPG) Motor Vehicle (MV) Clearance Certificate and Special Bank Receipt (SBR)
  • Certificate of Stock Reported (CS)
  • Payment Reference Number if payment is through e-PAT

Driver’s license is not a one-time application. You must renew it upon its expiry. Nowadays, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) offers 10-year validity of the driver’s license for those who have no driving violation. The people who are on queue at the LTO offices are not only those who apply for a driver’s license or their car registration but as well as those who are renewing their driver’s license.

Driving illegally modified car – P5,000

Changes or modifications in a part of the vehicle like the car cover, car window, and tinting should not be done without registration at the LTO office to avoid the fine. The color of the vehicle must reflect the same color with the registration. In case of changes in the car color, the owner must apply for a change in color at the LTO office.

Running a right-hand car – P50,000

Republic Act No. 8056 prohibits the operation of a right-hand steering wheel motor vehicle in both public and private road in the Philippines.

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