SSS Disability Benefit Provides Members with Monthly Pension / Lump Sum

SSS Wants To Assist Members w/ Disability through Benefit Offer

Through the SSS Disability Benefit, the Social Security System offers a monthly pension or a lump sum to its members who encounter partial or total disability.

The Social Security System is one of the giants among the social insurance institutions in the Philippines. More popularly called SSS, it has millions of members across the nation and it also has members in the different countries abroad.

Most of the SSS member populace is composed of inviduals who have worked or are currently working in private companies in the country. An active SSS membership is mandated by most companies in the private sector and the private institutions in the country.

Every month, the SSS members submit a monthly contribution based on their monthly income. An updated account may qualify a member to the loans and benefits offered by the state-run social insurance agency.

One of the benefit offers for members is the SSS Disability Benefit. It was designed to help SSS members who face partial and total disabilities — whether or not the disability stops the member from working and whether or not it is temporary or permanent.

SSS members who met disability may be granted either a monthly pension or a lump sum. The government institution provides the monthly pension and the lump sum for cases it considers as partial disability and permanent disability.

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Through its SSS Disability Benefit, the Social Security System wants to make sure that their members who are experiencing disability receive financial assistance. A permanent disability may mean a total loss of income for the member and it can affect not only the member but as well as his/her family.

The Disability Benefit claim must be filed to the SSS within 10 years since the incident that led to the disability of a member took place.

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