How To File Claim for SSS Sickness Benefit for Cash Allowance — A Guide for Members

Details on How To File Claim for SSS Sickness Benefit Offer for Members

Here is a guide on how to file an SSS Sickness Benefit claim to the Social Security System in times of health conditions resulting to absence from work.

The Social Security System is one of the giants in the Philippines with regards to the social insurance institutions. More popularly called SSS, it has millions of members including locally-employed individuals, self-employed individuals, overseas Filipino workers (OFWs), and those who applied for voluntary memberships.

Every month, members of the SSS submit a contribution to maintain an active and updated account to the state-run social insurance giant. It can help in the qualification of the member to the loans and benefits offered by the state entity.

One of the offers of the Social Security System for its members is the SSS Sickness Benefit. It is open for members who were unable to report to work for at least four (4) days due to sickness. There is an easy process on how to file a claim for this benefit offer.

Over-the-Counter. If you want to make over-the-counter benefit claim applications, simply prepare your Sickness Benefit Application (SBA) Form, SS ID/UMID card or any valid primary ID cards, and your supporting medical documents in case of prolonged confinement/sickness. Submit them to a branch of SSS nearest to your workplace or residence.

Online. You may also register for a My.SSS account online. Each member has his/her own online account where direct applications for loans and filing of benefit claims can be done. You have to be ready with your documentary requirements still.

Under the SSS Sickness Benefit offer, cash allowance is provided to the members who are unable to work. Each member can avail up to 120 days of sickness allowance in a calendar year. If unavailed, the number of unavailed sickness benefit days coverage cannot be carried over to the sickness benefit coverage for the next year.

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