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SSS 13th Month: Who Will Receive it this December 2021

Guide on SSS 13th Month Coverage / Qualifications

SSS 13TH MONTH – Here is a guide on who will receive the 13th month from the Social Security System this first week of December 2021.

The Social Security System or more commonly called “SSS” is one of the biggest social insurance institutions in the Philippines. Most of its members are Filipinos who are working in the private sector. Members remit a monthly contribution that accumulates through time and may make them eligible for certain benefits and services offered by the institution.

Aside from the private company employees, there are also self-employed individuals and voluntary members who signed for an SSS membership. The social insurance institution has several offers for its members.

SSS members who have reached the age of retirement and qualify with the contribution limit set by the social insurance institution for the Retirement Benefit may receive monthly pension or a lump sum and the SSS 13th month every December.

SSS 13th Month

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, those who are qualified to receive an SSS 13th month are the following:

  • SSS Retirement Benefit
  • SSS Survivor
  • SSS Total Disability Pensioners

According to the Social Security System, the SSS Partial Disability pensioners may also receive the SSS 13th month provided that the pension duration does not fall below 12 months. The pensioners may get their 13th month through Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer System and Operations Network (PESOnet), bank accounts or e-wallets, cash pay-out outlets, or through their remittance transfer companies.

Based on the report, it was in 1988 when the Social Security System started giving out 13th-month pensions to the pensioners. It is an additional gift to the pensioners every December since then. Most pensioners use it for holiday expenses and to finance their personal needs like buying maintenance medicines and check-ups with the doctor. Some pensioners save a part of their 13th-month pension as an emergency fund.

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