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SSS 13th Month, December Pension for Pensioners – Release Date Announced

Update on SSS 13th Month, December Pension for Pensioners

SSS 13TH MONTH – The Social Security System announced the release date for the 13th month and December pension of pensioners.

Not only the employees or those who belong in the working group await their 13th month now but as well as a part of the members of the Social Security System. More commonly called “SSS“, it is one of the biggest social insurance institutions in the Philippines.

Most employees of private companies in the Philippines are members of the SSS. They comprise a huge part of the SSS members. The social insurance institution is also open for voluntary memberships but there are certain conditions.

If you have an updated account until the retirement age and you pass the qualifications set by the government agency, you may be entitled to a retirement benefit that can offer you either a monthly pension or a lump sum.

SSS 13th Month
Photo: Philippine Star

Every December, the pensioners do not only receive their monthly pension but as well as an SSS 13th month. Recently, the social insurance institution released an update regarding the 13th month and the December pension.

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the SSS 13th month and December pension will be released on the first week of December 2021. Social Security president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aurora Ignacio said that they have already coordinated with their partner banks regarding the crediting of the pensions.

Ignacio further expressed that the SSS is set to release a total of P27.5 billion for its 3.14 million pensioners. The releasing dates are from December 1-4:

  • December 1 – If the date of contingency is between the 1st to 15th day of the month.
  • December 4 – If the date of contingency is between the 16th day of the month until the last day of the month or have availed an advance 18-month pension.

For pensioners who are using non-PESONet participating banks, the 13th month and the December pension will be credited to their account not later than December 4, 2021.

Who are qualified for the 13th month? You may visit – SSS 13th Month: Who Will Receive it this December 2021.

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