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Philam Life Active Health Invest Plus – Benefits of this Health Insurance

Guide on Philam Life Active Health Invest Plus Features & Benefits

PHILAM LIFE ACTIVE HEALTH INVEST PLUS – Here is a guide on the features and benefits of this health insurance offer of Philam Life.

Do you want to free yourself from worries over the thought of unexpected hospitalizations in the future? With the help of a health insurance, you can rest yourself knowing you have something to turn to in case unforeseen circumstances would take place.

An insurance policy does not only benefit the insured but as well as the people around. When something happens to you, your family need not to go for credits to be able to fund your hospital bills. Some of these offers also include a death benefit that can give you peace of mind that in case something happens, your loved ones will receive a cash benefit that can help them continue with life.

One of the insurance companies in the Philippines is Philam Life. It has several health insurance offers including Philam Life Active Health Invest Plus.

Philam Life Active Health Invest Plus

The Philam Life Active Health Invest Plus lets you enjoy the benefits of health insurance while giving you the peace of mind that if something happens, your family will not be left with nothing at all. It has a life insurance benefit.

Features and Benefits of Philam Life Active Health Invest Plus:

  • Health and Life Insurance Benefits. It covers critical illnesses and as well as early stage conditions. It also includes an accident coverage and as well as growing health fund that can help you prepare better for the future. You have the option should you wish to add hospitalization benefits to your plan.
  • Life Insurance Coverage. Under this health insurance policy, enjoy additional coverage of 20% on your health, accident, and life insurance.
  • Rewards for Living Healthy. Enjoy the benefits of a wellness program that can help you improve your health so you can enjoy life with your loved ones longer.

This policy is open for issuance for individuals aging 18-65 years old. It has a coverage of up to 100 years old. Philam Life has not stated the premium under this offer. Meanwhile, you may visit the official website of the insurance company – Philam Life.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope we have helped you with regards to this Philam Life offer. You may keep coming back for more informative guides.

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