MALAYAN BANK LOANS – Full List of Malayan Bank Loan Offers

List of the Malayan Bank Loans You May Apply For

MALAYAN BANK LOANS – Here is a full list of the different loan offers of the Malayan Bank and the purposes they serve.

One of the Philippine banks that have a lot of offers to the public is the Malayan Bank. It has several branches in the country including the ones in Makati, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasig, Caloocan, Malabon, Las PiƱas, Taguig, and Imus, Cavite.

With regards to its offers, among them are the different loans that serve different specific purposes. Based on its official website, it has at least six(6) loan products that can be applied for.

In this article, we will give an overview of the Malayan Bank loans that you might like to apply for.

Malayan Bank Loans

Here is a full list of the Malayan Bank loans and the specific purposes they serve:

1. Small Business Loan

Are you into a business or just starting one? You may apply for a cash assistance through the Malayan Small Business Loan offer. It is also called as SME Loan. It can help you grow or expand your business.

2. Jewelry Loan

Under the Jewelry Loan offer, you may borrow an amount that is equivalent to a portion of the appraised value of your jewelry. You may use the money in any purpose.

3. Auto Loan

If you want to purchase your own car but cannot pay for it in full now, you may apply for the Malayan Bank Auto Loan. The offer is open to applicants with different sources of income.

4. Motorcycle Loan

Aside from the auto loan offer, there is also a specific offer for those who are aspiring to purchase a motorcycle. It offers competitive rates and payment mode.

5. Fleet Financing

Should you wish to make a big purchase through a fleet financing, you may apply for this loan offer. It is essential for business which need additional vehicles.

6. Corporate Loans

If your company or business is in need of financial assistance for greater growth and progress, you may seek it through the Malayan Bank Corporate loan offers.

To apply for any of the aforementioned Malayan Bank loans, you may visit –

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